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Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham Appear in Public Again Amid Breakup Rumors

Following rumors that they had broken up, Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham Lutaaya appeared together in public again in viral social media video looking quite happy and renewed.

A few days ago, Zari Hassan captured the headlines with the
revelation of her separation from her Ugandan husband, Shakib Lutaaya

In her recent interview with the media, Zari disclosed that the decision to part ways was mutual, citing the need for space for both individuals.

Contrary to speculation linking the split to her recent video appearance with Diamond Platnumz, Zari clarified that issues with Shakib had arisen prior to the controversial video.

“Shakib and I have had issues before. That is why in November and December, I decided to delete his photos on my Instagram page. We had big issues, and it is not because I did the video that Shakib has left South Africa,” Zari candidly revealed.

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A circulating video of Shakib packing Zari’s belongings sparked rumors that he felt disrespected by her interaction with Diamond. Addressing this, Zari acknowledged Shakib’s feelings, expressing regret for not discussing the video with him beforehand.

“I don’t blame him for feeling how he feels. Had I told him before Diamond released the video, he would be okay. Now that he has left, I have decided to give myself some space from the whole situation,” Zari explained.

Shakib and Zari
Shakib and Zari

Further complicating matters, a cozy video of Shakib with Ugandan DJ Alisha has raised eyebrows. Zari revealed that Shakib had dated Alisha in 2019, suggesting his actions were driven by frustration and a desire for revenge.

According to the new developments, it seems to have worked on their differences and decided to rekindle their broken relationship as the two have been spotted together while in Saudi Arabia on Vacation , dispelling any doubts about the state their marriage.

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Zari and Shakib have been together since May 2022,when she had parted ways with ex-lover GK Choppa

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