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Zari Hassan Speaks Out on Husband Shakib meeting Diamond Platnumz in South Africa

Renowned Ugandan- South Africa based businesswoman Zari Hassan has finally spoken out on the controversial meet up her husband Shakib Cham had with ex- lover Diamond Platnumz.

It should be noted that a few days the trio , along with Zari Hassan and Diamond’s two Children ,Tiffah and Prince Nillian ,were captured together.

Diamond Platnumz, who was in South Africa on a business visit, seized the opportunity to bond with his children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

In the video clip that surfaced on social media, Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz, and Shakib Cham are seen walking together, with the kids seemingly enjoying the company of their parents and Zari’s husband, Shakib.

Shakib then embraced Tiffah and Nillan, sharing heartfelt words:

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“Goodbye, I’ll see you when you return. I will miss you.”

In a touching display of unity, Zari’s husband Shakib then exchanged a warm hug with her former partner, Diamond, as the mother of five captured this heartwarming moment.

The unexpected encounter has left netizens with a whirlwind of emotions, with some expressing their astonishment at seeing Shakib Cham feeling comfortable around Zari’s former partner, Diamond Platnumz.

While speaking in recent interview with one of local TV stations , going into different aspects of her love life, Zari opened up about the recent unexpected encounter between her current husband Shakib and former partner Diamond Platnumz in South Africa.

Zari said that Diamond Platnumz wanted to meet the man who spends most of the time with his two kids and Shakib never declined to Diamond’s request.

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“It takes a lot of maturity to bring two families together. Unlike women who find it difficult, Diamond wanted to meet the man who spends most of the time with his children and Shakib was okay with it”, Zari Hassan said

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