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Lwasa Finally Released After Spending Night in Prison

Local businessman Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi has finally been released after being arraigned in court and freed from prison on court bail.

Ealier this week ,Lwasa was arrested and sent to Prison Luzira for non-payment of a Shs. 18miillion debt where he spent a night.

Lwasa is said to have failed to clear a debt that accumulated to Shs. 18,095,500 over the past three years.

According to court documents, Lwasa was issued multiple summons by the court which he turned down.

The court was forced to issue a warrant of arrest for the businessman which has been out for months.

That was until when he was finally picked up by court bailiffs along the Kampala-Mityana Road on Monday

The lawyer , representing the tycoon’s creditors told reporters at the court that Lwasa had been in hiding for the past three years.

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Upon his arrest, the lawyer said, he was given an opportunity to mobilize the money and pay off the debt, which he failed and subsequently was sent to Prison to sleep there.

However earlier today the businessman was arraigned before the court and freed court bail with caveat that he must resolve his debt while he is out of jail, a condition which he accepted.

Upon his release Lwasa expressed his disappointment with the way his story was spread by the media. It seems that even in the midst of his financial crisis ,he maintains a critical eye on the headlines and reporting surrounding his case.

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