Why Alien Skin Stopped Performance at MUBS

Fangone Forest singer, Alien Skin, brought his recent performance at Makerere University School of Business (MUBS) to an abrupt halt, leaving the audience in shock.

Known for his dynamic stage presence, Alien Skin took an unexpected stand against the event organizers, who had initially delayed paying his balance. It’s a well-known rule for him that the balance must be cleared to zero before he steps on stage.

Once the payment issue was finally resolved, Alien Skin hit the stage but delivered only one song before abruptly declaring his performance finished.

Without a word, he dropped the microphone and hastily exited, heading for his next performance in Mubende.

This unexpected turn of events drew quick displeasure from the university management and students, who labeled Alien Skin as undisciplined.

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Alien Skin
Alien Skin

The atmosphere turned tense as insults were hurled in his direction, creating a chaotic scene that marred what was supposed to be an entertaining event at MUBS.

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