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Shakib Cham Deletes Zari Hassan’s Photos Off His IG

Following yesterday’s rumors that Shakib Cham Lutaaya and Zari Hassan are on the verge of breaking up, Shakib has deleted all Zari Hassan’s Photos off his Instagram.

The South African based Socialite left GK Choppa in 2022 and started dating Shakib Cham.

Shakib has been living with Zari Hassan and her kids since 2022 and last year the two tied knot to become husband and wife.

Their relationship has appeared strong for a couple of years Until yesterday when rumors started circulating revealing that they were not in good terms.

The rumors further speculated that Zari was considering a return with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

The Speculations were somewhat cemented when Zari and Diamond recently appeared in a viral Video together after their video while holding each other hand.

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This incident seems to have annoyed Shakib ,who allegedly warned Zari against maintaing a close relationship with her ex- baby daddy.

Zari Hassan – Shakib Cham

And it is also reported that this same incident forced Shakib Cham to share his old imitate video with DJ Alisha with intention of annoying Zari Hassan.

Now , Shakib seems completely ready for a new relationship , he has even deleted Zari Hassan’s photo off his Instagram account.

This has forced netizens to believe that Shakib is indeed planning something with DJ Alisha even though she distanced herself from Shakib’s love triangle.

We shall keep you updated about this ongoing dream in the Lutaaya’s relationship as it unfolds.

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