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Yese Oman Rafik Explains Why He Didn’t Turn Up For Vivian Tendo’s wedding

Renowned songwriter ,Singer and Producer Joshua Kiberu alias Yese Oman Rafiki for the first time spoken out on why he didn’t for singer Vivian Tendo’s wedding.

It should be recalled in July this year, VivianTendo Ntubiro and her fiancé Moses Tinsley officially became husband and wife after holding a holy matrimonial wedding.

The wedding is said to have been held in nuptials Nairobi, Kenya and was attended by close friends and family.

However ,one of the people who was absent at the function was her former manager ,Yese Oman Rafik under Route Entertainment and he was the one who introduced Tendo to music industry before bitterly parting ways with each other.

Speaking in an interview with one of local TV stations, Yese Oman Rafik explained that he couldn’t attend function where is not invited and that he never felt bad for not being invited to Vivian Tendo’s wedding.

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He went to say that even if he was invited he couldn’t attend because he is too busy with his projects .

“I am busy these days with my projects but on top of that ,they didn’t invite me which is Okay” ,he said partly in interview.

He further disclosed that he is not a party person and it is actually very hard to find him at parties or in bars before saying that there are lots of events and ceremonies that he has not attended and it is very okay with him not to attend functions since he is not social person.

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