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Why Alison Nadiope want to block Kyabazinga’s wedding with Jovia Mutesi

The holding of the highly anticipated Busoga royal wedding of Kyabazinga William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV and Jovia Mutesi is hanging in balance after Kyabazinga’s alleged UK – based wife Alison Nadiope asked the Busoga clan leaders to halt the function.

It should be recalled that in September this year Kyabazinga named Jovia Mutesi as his Royal queen and wife to be and consequently , a royal wedding has been scheduled to take place on November 18, 2023 at Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe in Jinja city.

Through her lawyers,Alison Nadiope in a letter addressed to Busoga clan leaders ,she noted that she is legally married to Kyabazinga ,she got married to him in civil Court in the UK in December 2016 and they share two kids together.

She went to emphasize that she extended financial support to Kyabazinga all along during their marriage , covering his education expenses including a recent payment of £1775500 for his school fees and overseeing the maintenance of the household and the welfare of their kids.

She further stressed that the Kyabazinga has not legally separated from her ,at expense of making arrangements for a new civil marriage , and she has warned him about the potential repercussions of entering a new martial union.

We are yet to hear the reply from Busoga Kingdom about this letter

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