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Vivian Mimi Refuses to Return to Home Village Without Financial Security

In a recent interview with BBS TV, renowned singer Vivian Mimi dropped a bombshell when she declared that she would not be returning to her hometown of Masaka until she has amassed sufficient funds to support her artistic vision and make a triumphant comeback.

“I won’t go back to Masaka until I have enough money to make it count,” Mimi stated, sparking a mix of reactions from fans and critics alike.

Vivian again said;

“I am determined to return to Masaka with a splash, showcasing my latest works and making my friends and family proud. Until then, I will remain in Kampala, focusing on my craft and building my reputation as a respected artist.”

With some praising her dedication to her art and others criticizing her for prioritizing material gain over her roots, Mimi’s refusal to return to Masaka has raised questions about the financial struggles faced by artists in Uganda and the challenges of maintaining a creative career.

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Vivian Mimi
Vivian Mimi

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story!

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