Kasuku Opens Up on Why He Underwent Depression

Media personality and motormouth Isaac Katende alias Kasuku has opened up about his struggles with depression following passing on of his two close friends Isma Olaxes and Kato Lubwama.

Speaking in his recent interview with Ruth Kalibbala, disclosed that he was hurt by the sudden demise of Isma Olaxes and Kato Lubwama, that it pushed him into a state of sadness and almost losing his life. Stressing that losing two dear friends within a short period was an overwhelming blow that left him buried in thoughts and struggling to cope with his emotions.

In light of his experience ,the media personality urged everyone to regularly check on their friends ,as depression is a real and prevalent issue in today’s society.

Depression is not just a passing sadness or a temporary low; it is a serious mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can manifest in various ways, and for me, it had affected my sleeping pattern until I was forced to go to the afternoon show since I would only find some sleep in the morning.

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