Socialite Don Nasser Accused of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Kira Road Police have launched an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation of vulnerable women by renowned city socialite Nasser Nduhukire alias Don Nasser.

Reports suggest that Don Nasser has a history of carefully selecting young women to be brought to him. This time, however, he may have targeted the wrong person, landing him in serious trouble.

According to Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango, Don Nasser is currently being sought by security agencies. The investigation began after the parents of a young girl filed a case of aggravated trafficking and sexual exploitation against him.

Don Nasser allegedly met the victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, in an apartment in Kamwokya. The two reportedly spent two consecutive days using drugs and engaging in sexual activities before returning to Nasser’s home.

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Upon the victim’s return to her parents’ residence, she was questioned and revealed that she was introduced to Nasser by a mutual friend, leading to the aforementioned activities.

Police have summoned Don Nasser to report to the station and provide a statement as investigations continue.

In a phone interview with Sandra Lian of Sanyuka TV, Don Nasser denied the accusations, claiming he is being falsely accused and has not wronged any young woman. He stated that he is being targeted because of his high profile and wealth, a common occurrence for people in the spotlight.

We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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