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“Sheebah doesn’t have talent ” – Cindy Sanyu maintains

Uganda Musicians Association ( UMA) president Cindy Sanyu once again took a swipe at her nemesis Sheebah Karungi maintaining that she doesn’t have talent.

Cindy threw jab at Sheebah while speaking to the media during a dinner party she held to celebrate her performance at the music battle at Kololo , Which happened three weeks ago.

The mother three was responding to the question that was directed to her whether sheebah is still untalented according to the performance she put at the battle.

Cindy explained that it is Sheebah is not talented but she has the skills to run her career , stressing that talent is just born but not bought or forced but God given.

She further credited her for once putting up good performance in whole of her entire career that for her it is the best performance from sheebah ever.

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The former Obsessions singer outdid herself. The only problem comes with the comparison as the” Boom party ” singer believes she’s out of Sheebah Karungi’s league.

On the same note, the mother of three said that the former TNS singer had one of the best bands in the country, Maestro Band. However, she made them look bad because of her bad singing.

“I want to maintain that Sheebah is not talented. But I have huge respect for her because she’s been able to skillfully push herself to success without talent. For our show, it was the best she ever did. The only problem comes in when they try to compare her with me. I’m out of her league. Besides, she had one of the best bands in the country but made them look so bad because of lack of talent”, Cindy said while speaking to the media.

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