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Meet Vivian Nuwahereza: The Supportive Wife Behind Atta Soja’s Success

Vivian Nuwahereza, the wife of Ugandan boxer Akhiru Golooba, popularly known as Atta Soja, has been a constant presence in her husband’s life and career.

In a recent interview, Vivian shared why she escorts her husband to the gym, saying:

“I accompany Atta Soja to the gym because I want to be his rock, his motivation, and his biggest supporter. Seeing him push himself to be the best version of himself is incredibly inspiring, and I feel honored to be a part of his journey.

Vivian Nuwahereza
Vivian Nuwahereza

Vivian further explained, “Being in the gym with him allows me to understand his dedication and hard work.

It’s amazing to see him transform into a focused and determined athlete, and I’m proud to be his partner in every sense of the word.”

When asked about the benefits of her presence in the gym, Vivian smiled and said, “My presence helps him stay focused and motivated. He knows I’m there to support him, and that gives him an extra boost of energy and determination. Plus, it’s a great way for us to spend quality time together and share in each other’s passions.”

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