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Lydia Jazmine’s Unforgettable Night At Her “First Born” Live Concert

The “First Born” Live Concert took place on Friday March 1st, at Hotel Africana in Kampala, Marking a monumental celebration of Lydia Jazmine’s Musical powess and night of pure entertainment for her dedicated fans and LJ addicts .

By 5Pm , all VIP tickets had been sold out and even the ordinary part was slowly getting full by 7Pm.

The show kicked off with electrifying performers from Musicians such as Pia Pounds , Chance Nalubega, Mary Bata , Henry Tigan ,Keke ,Warafiki among others plus several renowned deejays, setting the stage for unforgettable musical experience.

The Concert was expertly hosted by MCs from various media houses, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

The woman of the day , Lydia Jazmine got on stage by 9Pm amid wild cheers from her fans and steered through different sets with ease.

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She was later joined on by fellow artists including Rickman, Geosteady, John Blaq, Lillian Mbabazi and Bennie Gunter to perform their Collaborations.

Lydia Jazmine delivered a high – energy performance, treating the audiance to an array of crowds favorite tracks Such: Masuuka,Njagala,Kapeesa, Kawoowo, Omalawo, Wotabade among others.

Her fashion , energy , any stage presence seems to have left many attendees impressed and some few poking holes in her performance and fashion.

Lydia Jazmine while performing at her live Concert at Hotel Africana- Kampala

The production of the Concert , from sound to stage was lauded for it’s top – notch quality and seamless execution, enhancing the overall experience for the audiance.

Noteworthy attendees included celebrities like Mesach Ssemakula , Eddy Kenzo , Fik Fameica , Kasuku, Ann Talia Oze among others.

This Concert marked Lydia Jazmine’s first ever Concert under her own brand as Musician.

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Congratulations Lydia Jazmine to your first ever successful Concert.

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