Grace Khan Speaks out on Cancellation Of Her Concert

Former Da Nu Eagles singer , Grace Khan has apologised for cancellation of her May Concert.

It should be remembered towards the end of February  this year,she announced that she was going to hold a concert titled ” Sing Along with Grace Khan ” which was scheduled for 19th May 2024 at Climax hangout in Makindye.

However with just a few weeks remaining , Grace Khan called off the Concert.

Taking the news to her socials, Grace Khan confirmed cancellation of her Concert as she attributed to it to mental health struggles before extending her apologizes to her fans and well – wishers.

“This comes as a public notice. Hello my Fans world wide 🙏I thank you all for always standing by my side I know I am not right yes, but you have always stood by my side and through all tests of time I Humbly come to you with a big and a deep apology. So that You may take it, you’re very right with whatsoever decision you may take, but I’m not going to keep it at heart, and look like nothing happened that would be very silly of me. I would ask for a place in your heart I mean whoever that has been supporting me! My Fellow Artist s that supported me ,Media Houses ,My Family ,Mr Lule Of Climax Bar lounge 🫶&Whoever that is going to read this message find a place in your heart to forgive me about all the wrong deeds I’ve done I know I’ve messed up on very many occasions, but you have always given me another chance and here I come again please give me this last chance, I’m on my knees, physically and deep down inside of my heart. Forgive-me, I don’t want to take you through the details of my reckless actions, but you have all seen it,my concert was my baby that I was treasuring that I wanted to use to show you the new me the real me but unfortunately it went down the vein but I promise you when you give me this last chance I want to make things, right I was not mentally stable. I was not mentally OK because all of you have seen it but I promise you once I get on my feet I want to give you a concert that you will live to remember,

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i’m not well by now But i’m healing let’s trust the process 🫶

I’m deep in prayer talking to my God apparently

Iwill schedule ANEW DATE THIS YEAR SOON IPROMISE IWILL MAKE THE BEST SHOW EVER 🙏you will leave to talk about my name GRACE KHAN Thank you.

God bless you 🙏”- she posted.

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