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Erias Lukwago Flies To India For Treatment

Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has been flown to India to receive specialized treatment.

This was after being cleared by the medical Board to travel to New Delhi in India for anterior cervical decompression and fusion Spinal surgery.

In letter addressed to Dr Rishabh Kedi and Paul Verinder Singh, consultant neurosurgeons at Medanta Medicinic Cybercity ,New Delhi ,in India dates April 16, 2024 by Dr. Henry Mwebesa, Director General of medical services, stated that Lukwago had been cleared to travel with one attendant ,his brother and the KCCA had committed to meet the cost related the travel , treatment and his stay in India.

For couple of weeks now, Lukwago has been confined to Nairobi Hospital where he was referred to after Undergoing an MRI at Nakasero Hospital where the doctors had discovered that one of his cervical disc was swollen and pressing down his nerve.
In Nairobi, doctors confirmed to him that his cervical disc was indeed swollen and had compressed the nerve roots thus causing numbness and excruciating pain in the back and left arm.

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He previously said that he was supposed to undergo an anterior cervical discetomy and fusion procedure in which the swollen disc would be removed to relive pressure on the Spinal cord and nerve roots .

On Wednesday 24 April via his Socials, Lukwago, confirmed that news of his travel to India for specialised Anterior cervical Disc and Fusion surgery as he was referred by several neurosurgeons.

“On a medical journey to New Delhi, India upon advice and referral by several neurosurgeons and other physicians to have a specialised Anterior Cervical Disc and Fusion surgery to remove the herniated or bulging C6-7 Disc that has bothered me for over two months with excruciating pain and tingling in the back and upper left limb. All will be well, with His Grace.”,he said.

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This is the third time for him to be rushed abroad for treatment .In 2020 and 2021 he was taken for treatment after he suffered a server allergic disorder.

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