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Cosign Reveals His Battle With Suicidal Thoughts

Ugandan Singer, Bartson Lutalo alias Cosign Yenze has opened up about his battle with suicidal thoughts.

The “Obeera Wa” hit maker via his X platform formerly Twitter account revealed that at one time been going through some very tough times and s and contemplated taking his own life but his ex- girlfriend , X influencer Methia Lydia saved him.

That it was during the time he was struggling financially but no one was willing to help him out.

He furthermore , said that people call him a faded artist and reveals lost so much while trying to build his brand including his family and over shs100m and yet he has never rented a house worth over shs400k.
That his life is tough on his end and how he has been forsaken by the same people he helped dearly when he the chance.

Cosign Yenze

Below is his full post:
“For those who call Cosign a faded artist you don’t know how much I have lost just to have that name. I lost a family, a son. For now, from 2018 till date I haven’t seen my son just because of music. I have invested over 100M salary money from my IT job just to release the songs you want. Nchapagizaa (I’m still renting), my songs have even taken airplanes slept in big house I have neva rented a house above 400K. At (some) point DJ ciza yasuzaako nga bagobye mujju thats why hes my brother in lock down.

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Am not sayin this nti kwesaza but my hustle is not for jokes, abayimbi babola they think am rich kid son but I take care of myself obutafana naku coz everyone is going thru shit. 2021- 2022 I was about to commit suicide “Methia” Nabawanda helped to over come it she was my galfriend now just friend. Kwegmaba man its all been God.

Mwagala tukole ki? Am street hustler ku kampala road dealing in laptops and all IT products music is all I had. You tell me why I don’t release new music kakati mufulmye nanki? I have already lost money, am completely broke. I have so far 30 songs even no phone am using whats web. Man nze simanyi. I love music I have best songs you wll every here naye netaga nange management for those songs to see the light your asking why we dont have beautiful music compared to Nigerian music naye temutuwagila like how Lil Pazo said temubiwulira.

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I lost friends, family, what else should I do banage omutima gunuma. Am not seeking sympathy but try to understand everytime I bring a ka new song theriz a lot attached to it, my children to feed on it, go to school. Nebwenagezeko ewa HAM bampe ku sente, I didn’t get mbu tebamanyi kuba siyimba.

Am sayin all this coz theriz alot I have contributed musically but am burning out for those who still think I can contribute musically to this industry, support me if you can naye awatali ekyoo nfaa. For GOD and my country.”- he posted.

for those who Call Cosign a faded artist you don’t know how much i have lost just to have that name. i lost a family a son for now from 2018 till date i haven’t seen my son just because of music i have invested over 100M salary money from IT job just release the songs you want

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— Cosign Yenze (@CosignYenze) June 2, 2024

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