Canary Mugume Calls Out Kasuku For Taunting His Marriage And Kid

Canary Mugume, a prominent media figure, is not with with YouTuber and Vlogger Isaac Katenda alias Kasuku for consistently ridiculing his marriage and child in his public discourses.

In a trending Twitter post, the NBS TV news anchor voiced his irritation, calling on Kasuku to refrain from spreading unsubstantiated claims about his family.

This reaction comes amidst a flurry of rumors and accusations surrounding Mugume’s marital life.

Kasuku has actively contributed to these speculations, alleging that Mugume’s wife, Sasha Ferguson, departed their union due to Mugume’s purported excessive drinking habits.

Furthermore, Kasuku insinuated doubts about the paternity of their son, Cairo, and hinted at external intervention to reconcile the couple.

Mugume, understandably upset by Kasuku’s persistent focus on his family, has publicly cautioned him to cease discussing his personal life.

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Mugume’s message, while couched as a request, also carried an implicit warning, suggesting that refraining from involving his family in content creation would be in Kasuku’s best interest.

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