Bebe Cool Gifts His Mother Luxury Car

For his mother’s 82nd birthday, celebrated Ugandan Musician Bebe Cool gifted her a luxury car.

Apparently, over the weekendBebe Cool and other family relatives threw a mega birthday party at their residence in Kampala to mark the one-off day for her.

At the party Bebe Cool, demonstrated his lavish affection for his mother as he presented his mother with a new a luxurious ride on his 82nd birthday.

Now Bebe Cool’s mother will be cruising around in styles as she receives the keys to a brand new Mercedes Benz worth millions.

During her Speech,Bebe Cool’s mother expressed her great gratitude towards her son for his kind heart and the generous gift of a car in a viral video making rounds on social media.

Bebe Cool & His mother

Bebe Cool rarely talks about her in public and nothing much is known about his mother because she hasn’t been living in Uganda.She’s been living in the United States of America for over 20 years

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Over time, Bebe has cherished his mother beyond doubt having struggled to solely raise him in the Ghettos of Kanyanya, Kampala without the aid of his husband, who is a former Minister, Hon. Jaberi Bidandi Ssali.

Born 1st September 1977, Bebe Cool is an African reggae and ragga musician from Uganda.

He started his career around 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya, but moved back to his native country a few years later.

Bebe Cool was one of the first artists affiliated with Ogopa DJs, a production house and record label in Kenya.

A happy belated birthday Mama Bebe Cool!

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