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Zari Hassan Dumps Shakib Cham, She announces their Breakup to Public

Renowned Ugandan Socialite,Zari Hassan has come out and revealed how she dumped her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya after going through several trials.

A few days ago, several reports indicated that the fairytale relationship between the Socialite and her Ugandan boyfriend Shakib Cham had hit rock bottom with strings of allegations of infidelity from both sides.

Speaking in recent interview with Millard Ayo, Zari Hassan disclosed that her decision to seperate with Shakib was mutual, reasoning that there was need for both parties to have space.

She explained that since last year ,she deleted Shakib’s photos from her social media as result of their marital issues.

She further rufted the ongoing allegations that Shakib was forced to pack his belongings to leave their mutual home in South Africa because of the video she made while holding hands with her former baby daddy Diamond Platnumz but they already had their issues.

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That the video was just a catalyst to their issues as he felt disrespected before admitting that they are giving each other space.

” I said let me give myself space because we have been having issues since last year.when he went back to Uganda, it was no more like giving ourselves space to see how this goes”,she party said in interview.

She apologized for the video she took with Diamond Platnumz which showcased them holding hands.

” From the bottom of my heart , I’m sorry that I hurt Shakib like that ,I should have been more responsible. For that I apologise”, Zari noted.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Shakib’s recent cozy video with Ugandan female DJ Alisha has also raised eyebrows.

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Zari now says that Shakib had dated Alisha in 2019 and suggested that his actions were driven by frustration and a desire for revenge.

Despite this, Zari expressed understanding, stating, “I don’t blame him.”

“Shakib shared the video with some bloggers so they can spread it. He did it out of frustration so that he can revenge,” she said.

In a reflection on the role of social media in exacerbating tensions, Zari lamented the negativity promoted online, highlighting her initial introduction of Diamond to Shakib in an effort to foster a peaceful relationship among them.

We are not sure if this is the usual stunt celebs pull to seek attention for perhaps, the couple is trying to promote their Netflix coming episode which has been in the pipeline for a while now

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