WANTED: Police Issues Out An Arrest Warrant For Renown Gay Activist Mukuye Siraje

The Uganda police are hunting for a renown LGBT gay activist, Mukuye Siraje who is currently on run, for reportedly organizing a gay pride party defying presidential orders.

Mukuye Siraje, self- proclaimed gay Chairman in Uganda went on the run and disappeared to an unknown place and Police again confirmed that he had been organizing such parties but the gay law had not been made serious like it is now. He is been accused of promoting homosexuality and a prize of Ugx2M is put on his head by whoever knows about his whereabouts

The police have also appealed to whoever has any information which may led to the arrest of Mukuye Sirja are required to pass the information in confidence to the nearest police station or call telephone numbers 0703026011 or 07859399652.

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It should be known that Uganda is one of the more than 34 African countries where homosexuality is illegal, and it attracts a maximum sentence of life in prison or even death. So, for Mukuye Siraje being the fact that he has been so respected and actively advocating for the LGBT community, he is in a very sensitive spot for being convicted and sentenced.

Police Appeal

Mukuye Siraje, the self-proclaimed gay chairman in Uganda , had been living a double life in Kampala. On one hand, he was a respected member of the LGBT community, organizing events and advocating for their rights.

The recent arrest of 13 of his fellow LGBT members shocked many, but it had turned into a nightmare as police raided the venue and rounded up everyone in sight.

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Mukuye knew he had to act fast. As news spread of the arrests, he made a split-second decision to go on the run left with no choice but to lay low and stay off the grid and currently wanted by police.

Some of arrested LGBT participants at gay Pride Party
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