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Vyroota Has No Kind Words For An-known Prosper , Brands Him a ‘Girl’

Hit tower singer Musigazi Abdul Aziz alias vyroota has no kind words for fellow singer An-known Prosper.

Vyroota , while taking part in an interview ,few months ago was questioned if he could wish to challenge An-known in Music battle and he replied no, stressing that he want him pair him together work other artists like Liam voice Victor Ruz and Acidic vokoz inoder for him to battle them all together.

The statement didn’t sit well with An-known as he ranted and attacked Vyroota on social media saying that he milks his voice from the throat.

However , An-known ‘s retaliation has not in any way moved Vyroota.In his latest interview ,he emphasised that Anknown prosper is not worth his time to be talk about him.

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That to recognize his presence he needs to stand up about in 30 men and that if he stands alone he’s just see him as girl .

He further disclosed that he is ready to battle anyone who wishes to challenge him when he was once again questioned who he feels he can battle.

“I just don’t want to speak about that guy. He is not worth my time and words. For him to stand up to me, he needs to be surrounded by about 30 men. But otherwise, he’s just a girlish character to me,” vyroota stressed.

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