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The Mighty Family Comedian Sam Okanya Arrested

The Mighty Family Comedian Samuel Okanya a.k.a Sammy has been allegedly arrested and detained by unknown security Operatives according to photos seen by our website.

According to info we got, being reported that Sammy , an National Unity Platform (NUP) lean – blogger is currently in an undisclosed location following his arrest, some reports alleges that he was arrested in Kenya others here Uganda.

The reason for his arrest hasn’t been revealed so far but what we know I’d that he is at the police.

Sammy is always on social media commenting and attacking especially those in politics and in the entertainment industry.

Photos of him handcuffed in a car with sad face went viral on social media as his arrest was received by mixed feelings ,some sympathized with him while others celebrated.

The Mighty Family Comedian Sammy Arrested

Several years, Sammy left the country and located in Kenya later to Dubai where he has been staying of recent after speaking ill about the ruling regime in fear of his life.

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Before fleeing, Sammy dominated gossip columns sometimes back when he allegedly ‘ Kidnapped himself’ and claimed that he was arrested by security detail for insulting the Head of State

We are yet to hear from him or his lawyers about his arrest and we shall keep you updated here.

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