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Swahaba Kasumba Sent to Luzira Prison For Failing to Pay 16 Million

Mengo Grade one Magistrate court has sent singer Swahaba Kasumba to Luzira Prison for non – payment of a Shs .16 million debt.

Kasumba is said to have failed to clear a debt that accumulated to 16 Million over the past three years.

Despite a series of vailant attempts by the creditor identified as Lutwama to collect on the debt , the singer proven to be master of evasion , leaving him with no choice but take legal action against him.

Upon his arrest the creditor said Kasumba was given an opportunity to mobilize the money and pay off the debt which he failed.

For about three hours Kasumba and the lawyers where holed up in the Magistrate’s Chambers as he and several of his family members and friends outside the court made frantic phone calls to raise the money but could not .

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Swahaba Kasumba

In the end ,the Magistrate ordered for Kasumba’s to be taken to Luzira until 30th October 2023 as he and his people continue to look for the money

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