Susan Makula Reportedly Kicks Grace Khan Out Of Pastor Bugingo’s House with Daughter

Latest reports coming through from Namayumba clearly state that pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s Susan Makula has kicked singer Grace Khan out of their house with her daughter Grana.

It should be noted that Makula took over custody of Grace Khan and her daughter Granah after battling personal challenges that impacted the singer’s psychology well- being and her inability to provide a stable environment for her daughter to grow.

To restore their singer’s state ,Susan Makula welcomed her at their residence in Namayumba- wakiso District and she took it upon herself to grant Grace Khan custody, and considering her present condition.

She was provided with supportive and uplifting environment along with valuable guidance and aid during stay with Susan Makula .

The experience proved to be crucial as the Musician embarked on a journey to rebuild her life and strive towards a more promising future.

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However, according to latest developments the two are had bad blood boiling between them due the singer’s ill behaviors she couldn’t entertain .

And that Makula was forced to request Grace Khan to vacate their home.

Based on the rumors ,it is alleged that Grace was able to find alternative accommodation with other individuals after leaving Bugingo and Makula home, but unfortunately , she recently had a bitter fall out with them as well, causing a misunderstanding which required authorities intervention.

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