Shakira Shakiraa Blasts Prima Kardashi Online, Leaves Her in Shred

Singer Shakira Shakiraa has found herself at odds with beautician and Geosteady’s ex- baby mama Prima Kardashi.

The conflict arose when Prima Kardashi made derogatory remarks about Shakira Shakiraa and Gravity Omutujju’s latest song ” Doozi” via her Facebook account.

She described the duo’s craftsmanship in the song as ” the definition of when two empty tins meet”, implying that the song is just trash.

Unwilling to let the comments slide , Shakiraa to social media to express her displeasure and defend herself against Prima Kardashi’s insult.

Shakiraa disclosed that prima is find of attacking musicians to get attention on social media.

She went on to accuse prima of being an unfulfilled Kardashian impersonators who will never meet the American reality TV stars she admires.

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She further claimed that only planes Prima boards are those bound for Dubai , where she allegedly engages in sexual activities.

“You want to be like the Kardashians but you will never go to America, you only stop in Dubai where you go to sell Enkudi” – shakira shakiraa ranted.

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