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Planned Stunt or Unfortunate Moment? Etania Mutoni Stumbles and Falls on Stage During Davido’s ‘Timeless Concert’

Media Personality and City DJ , Etania Mutoni last night faced an unexpected twist during her performance at the recently concluded Davido ‘Timeless Concert’ at Kololo Independence grounds when she accidentally slipped and fell on stage.

The energetic DJ and MC who was pulling off her performance and the crowd was flowing with her, lost balance with her left leg and went full body on the ground.

Etania who didn’t seems get injuries stayed on ground and incorporated the fall into her routine captivating the audiance with her resilience.

She looked startled probably because she didn’t break a fracture or hurt herself, drawing cheers and applause from the audiance.

A video capturing the unforgettable moment has since gone viral a cross social media garnering widespread attention and admiration for Etania’s poise under pressure. Her ability to turn a potential misstep into a memorable highlight of the concert exemplified her professionalism and dedication to her craft.

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Fans took to social media to express their admiration for Etania’s performance, with many applauding her for her resilience and ability to entertain with style

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