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“Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga Needs to Be Careful While Attacking My Mother, Other Wise He Will Regret It”- Kayanja Jr

Pastor Robert Kayanja’s son , Pastor Robert Kayanja Jr fears Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga is likely to get life threatening problem if he continues negative attacks and blasting of his mother, Jessica Kayanja.

This exchange adds another layer to the seemingly never-ending war of words between religious leaders in the city, which has become somewhat of an inherited tradition.

Pastor Robert Kayanja ministries and Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga ministries have been on loggerheads for quite longtime.

The latest salvo was fired during a church sermon over the weekend, where Robert Kayanja Jr issued a stern warning to Pastor Ssenyonga, urging him to respect boundaries and refrain from crossing them.

The animosity between pastors in Kampala is nothing new, with the Christian Life Church proprietor, Pastor Ssenyonga, often targeting his fellow preachers in his sermons. Among his frequent targets has been Pastor Kayanja, whom he criticizes vehemently whenever the opportunity arises.

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Describing these pastors as “fake” and “agents of the devil,” Pastor Ssenyonga asserts his own divine calling, positioning himself as the righteous defender of the faith. Notably, his attacks have not only been directed at Pastor Kayanja but also at his wife, Jessica Kayanja.

In response, Pastor Kayanja’s son has intervened, expressing his desire to keep his mother out of the ongoing feud. In a bold move, he accused Pastor Ssenyonga, also the Top TV boss, of resorting to underhanded tactics, alleging payments to bloggers, TV stations, and others to bolster his narrative.

Asserting his stance on gender respect, Kayanja Jr emphasized that real men do not attack or harass women but treat them with the utmost respect. He pointedly reminded Ssenyonga of the values his father, a man known for his kindness and love, embodies.

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Furthermore, Kayanja Jr warned Ssenyonga that if he insists on war, he should direct it towards him, as he vows to retaliate fiercely. Despite his father’s prolonged silence on the matter, Jr made it clear that he would not hesitate to teach Ssenyonga a lesson he won’t soon forget.

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