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Pallaso Breaks Silence on Clash with Alien Skin, Attributes it to Bajjo and Abitex’s Influence

Singer Pius Mayanja, known as Pallaso, has spoken out about his clash with fellow musician Alien Skin, attributing it to the influence of promoters Bajjo and Abitex.

The incident, which gained attention last year after a video captured Pallaso assaulting Alien Skin, triggered a mix of reactions.

During a recent interview, Pallaso defended himself, revealing that he fell victim to a well-planned trap orchestrated by others.

The aftermath of the altercation seemed to boost Alien Skin’s popularity, drawing public sympathy and leading to increased attendance at his subsequent concert held at Freedom City, Namasuba – Kampala.

Pallaso’s accusations against promoters Bajjo and Abitex add complexity to the incident, raising questions about the motives behind the alleged set-up.

The music community and the public are eagerly awaiting further developments as the involved parties navigate the aftermath of this controversial incident.

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