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Momo19 Finally Back on TV

Former BBS Terefayina presenter, Maureen Naluwooza alias Momo19 has finally got TV job.She has been given a job at Serena based media outlet Spark TV.

Previously Momo19 worked on BBS Terefayina as host of Celeb Wo show, she later parted ways with Mengo – based media outlet due to personal reasons.

After taking a break from TV hosting to focus on personal growth and rejuvenation ,Momo has now made a triumphant return to the screen.

She has been introduced as the new host of the popular TV gossip show “Daily Soup”, a show that covers a wide range of current affairs and entertainment.

Previously ,the program has been hosted by Immy Candace and Flavia Mawagi.

In her new role ,Momo will be Co- hosting the gossip show alongside Winnie success.

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Since she is not a new face in the media, Spark TV will be hoping to boost their viewership with her expertise and social media presence.

Momo 19

Congratulations Momo 19 on your chapter in life

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