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Minister Beatrice Anywar Proposes Salon Installation at Parliament

Beatrice Anywar, the State Minister for Water and Environment, has urged Parliament to consider installing an in-house salon to cater to the regular hair care needs of its members.

She believes that such a facility would encourage higher attendance and participation among parliamentarians because it will female legislators to arrival on time than spending much time in maintaining their hair and nails in outside Saloons

Acknowledging the existing gym facility, Anywar expressed concerns that some female members, including herself, find it uncomfortable to use it due to concerns about hair maintenance.

“As a woman, I understand the importance of maintaining hair and nails,” she emphasized. “Having a salon on-site would allow us to arrive early, spend time grooming, and then fully engage in parliamentary proceedings.”

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Beyond her advocacy for parliamentary amenities, Anywar is renowned for her passionate efforts to preserve Mabira Forest, earning her the nickname ‘Mama Mabira.’

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