Meet Ragz DJ, Uganda’s Multi-Talented Turntable Maven

Introducing Ragz DJ, Uganda’s versatile turntable maestro, whose undeniable talent has earned him recognition in the country’s vibrant music scene. Dailyspearug recently caught up with Ragz to delve into his journey.

Fueled by passion, love, and inspiration, Ragz DJ has forged an inseparable bond with the turntables, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the industry.

Born Mengo Faizo, but better known as Ragz DJ, he describes himself as a sociable individual with an insatiable appetite for music, considering it his daily dose of euphoria.

His musical journey began at an early age, nurtured by his uncle’s ownership of a music and production studio, which served as his playground. Coming from a musically inclined family, Ragz was destined to follow suit.

In 2015, Ragz DJ embarked on his deejaying venture at Hunters in Bukoto. This marked the genesis of his professional career, where he honed his skills over four months, rubbing shoulders with seasoned DJs who mentored him along the way.

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Subsequently, he made waves at 69 Lounge in Ntinda for three years before settling at Garage Lounge, solidifying his status as a sought-after DJ in bars and nightclubs across the city, including Botti, Silo 15, and the Villa among others.

Reflecting on his journey, Ragz reminisces about his maiden paid gig at Hunters in Bukoto, an experience that not only validated his talent but also provided a glimpse into his promising future.

When asked about his musical inclination, Ragz attributes it to his familial roots steeped in a profound love for reggae music. With unwavering support and a natural talent inherited from his DJ uncle, Ragz DJ’s ascent to prominence was inevitable.

Ragz DJ

While Ragz acknowledges the influence of his uncle in shaping his musical journey, he credits his innate talent as the driving force behind his success, cementing his status as Uganda’s multi-talented turntable maven.

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