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King Saha Vows to Beat Dr. T Amale If He Attacks Him Again

Local singer Mansour Ssemanda alias King Saha has threatened to beat comedian Dr. T Amale if he ever attacks him again during media interviews.

King Saha threatened Dr. T Amale after landing on a interview in which the latter alleged that King Saha is mentally disturbed as he branded him a ” mad person” and that why he keeps on attacking the ruling government.

During his recent Tik tok live broadcast, King Saha sent Dr. T Amale a Stern and furious warning threatening that if he ever spots him in any other interview talking rubbish about him , he will crush him.

” We are battling with people who carry guns, and now I hear Dr. T Amale attacking me,I will just beat up that one. I will teach him a rough and tough lesson”, King Saha partly threatened.

King Saha

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