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Juma Wasswa Balunywa Faces Setback in MUBS Guild Presidency Bid

The Electoral Commission (EC) has rejected Juma Wasswa Balunywa’s candidacy for the 2024-2025 Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Guild elections due to academic retakes.

The MUBS Guild constitution stipulates that candidates must maintain consistent academic progress without undergoing retakes to be eligible for Guild President or Guild Parliament (GRC) positions.

Initially included among the final nominees for vetting, Juma’s supporters were hopeful. However, his aspirations hit a roadblock during the UYD vetting process, where Benedict Luswata was chosen as the UYD’s flagbearer for the upcoming Guild Election.

Undeterred, Juma chose to run as an independent candidate despite the setback. Unfortunately, the Electoral Commission has refused to nominate him which has left his supporters disheartened.

Juma Wasswa Balunywa
Juma Wasswa Balunywa

Juma Wasswa Balunywa, once a promising candidate gaining social media traction, faces an uncertain path in the MUBS Guild president race.

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