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“I Have Never Been Friends With Bebe Cool” – Sir Mathias Walukagga

Renowned Kadongo Kamu singer, Sir Mathias Walukagga has set the record straight on his friendship with fellow singer and Gagamel boss Bebe Cool.

In an exclusive interview with BBS Terefayina, the Kadongo Kamu singer , Sir Mathias Walukagga clarified that he and the ” Wire Wire” singer Bebe Cool have never been friends.

He emphasized the absence of camaraderie, revealing a mutual dislike between them.

Mathias Walukagga recounted an incident at Mesach Ssemakula’s concert at Hotel Africana, where Bebe Cool deliberately ignored his presence and refrained from greeting him, despite acknowledging others in attendance, this incident highlighted the strained relationship between the two artists.

Walukagga attributed the lack of friendship to their contrasting preferences and different approaches to life, dismissing rumors that their discord originated from his past association with former Gagamel singer Rema Namakula.

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This firm stance by Walukagga underscores the evident discord, leaving the question of whether this public revelation will impact the music industry’s dynamics or if the artists will continue on separate paths without any intention of reconciliation

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