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Copyright Battle Brewing Up Between Cameroon’s Gasha and Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo

Cameroonian artist Gasha has taken to social media, specifically to accuse Ugandan star Eddy Kenzo of copyright infringement. The dispute centers around Gasha’s hit song “chill,” which she claims Kenzo has wrongfully claimed ownership of, denying her rightful royalties.

According to Gasha, she had paid Kenzo a collaboration fee of $2000 for his contribution to the song in 2015.

However, despite her being the sole owner of the song, Kenzo has allegedly been reaping the benefits of its success while withholding the rightful royalties owed to Gasha.

The controversy surfaced when Gasha attempted to shed light on the issue through social media, tagging Kenzo in her posts, in hopes of resolving the matter amicably.

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Eddy Kenzo

Instead of engaging with Gasha’s claims, Kenzo chose to block her and SheyWaves on all his platforms, escalating the dispute further.

In a statement posted on the SheyWaves Facebook page, Gasha expressed her disappointment in Kenzo’s actions, highlighting his contradictory stance on promoting “ONE LOVE AFRICA” while failing to address the concerns of a fellow African artist. She emphasized that Kenzo’s decision to block her implies an attempt to evade accountability, tarnishing Uganda’s reputation in the process.

The incident has sparked a debate on social media, with fans and industry insiders closely monitoring the developments between the two artists.

Many have called for transparency and fairness in resolving the copyright dispute, stressing the importance of upholding intellectual property rights in the music industry.

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