Acram Gumisiriza Finally Out of Prison

Hajat Kulthum Nabunya’s husband Acram Gumisiriza has finally come out of Prison.

This comes a few days ago after Acram was put behind bars at Katwe police station on allegations of rape and insult.

It was reported that on 10th October 2023 Acram Gumisiriza agreed with the complaint Mweza Remmy to have a one – night.However, on their arrival at Acram’s house , Remmy resolutely refused to enter Acram’s house , which had no lights at the moment and remained firm in her decision.

This forced Acram to pull out a panga and threaten to end Remmy’s life if she failed to enter his house and act as their initial agreement.

Inturn of the events, Remmy filed threatening violence case at police and Acram was locked and asked for 3M for her to drop the case against Acram.

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Despite not the money asked from him, Acram was finally released on Friday evening and vowed not the compesate Remmy.

According to Acram ,denied threating asking for Remmy’s companionship stressing that he just offered her free ride and that she must be up to something.

He further said that Remmy has been trying so hard to destroy her name and marriage for no wrong reasons and regret helping her with a free lift.

Hajat Kulthum Nabunya with  Husband Acram Gumisiriza

“I am not going to pay the money that is being asked from me at any point. People like destroying other people’s names and marriages. I didn’t do anything wrong apart from helping this lady,”he said upon on his release from jail.

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