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“6 Killaz’s Song ‘Kukyakala Na Kubwa’ is trash” – Prima Kardashi

City Socialite and business lady, prima Kardashi has criticized 6 Killaz’s Song ‘Kukyakala Na Kubwa’.

Kukyakala Na Kubwa’ was released by 6 upcoming female Musician’s including : Ava Peace ,Recho Rey , Jowy Land ,Mandir Love , Nina Roz and Zafaran and was released a few days ago.

The brainchild of renowned music manager Jeff Kiwa, ‘Kukyakala Na Kubwa’ was touted as a potential chart-topper, blending elements of dancehall and afrobeat in a collaboration aptly named ‘6 Killerz.’ Kiwa, a trusted confidant of the involved artists, was expected to harness the combined star power to create a legendary musical masterpiece.

Apparently ,the track that can’t be called massive banged or a flop. But according to Prima Kardashi claims that the artists that featured on underperformed it and that what they came out with is garbage.

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Through her social media ,Prima stressed that the female Musician who featured on the track and sang rubbish and that she can’t even explain exactly what they were trying to do in the studios like singing before advising them to up their pens while writing lyrics.

“6 young artists came together to sing rubbish💩. Young generation tetuyina yadde eyegeza ku Qing madi. Up ur pens bambi,”- she posted.

Prima’s sentiments on the song have brought up heated debate on social media, some agreeing with while others went against for putting fellow women down

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