Pastor Wilson Bugembe on Spot Over Illegal Children Adoption

Renown city Pastor, Wilson Bugembe is back in the limelight after several families from Kisenyi accusing him of illegally adopting their Children.

According to parents of the adopted children claims that Pastor Wilson Bugembe blindsided them in the process that led to their children to be taken away to foreign countries without their consent.

The most recent Bugembe adoption scandal emanate from over 10years ago, When Pastor’s NGO named Mercy Childcare Uganda started taking up Young Children and putting them up for adoption by families mostly from USA.

One of the parents of the adopted children identified as Moses Mwanamboka, stressed that Bugembe’s Organisation picked his daughter identified as Joyce Alitubbeera way back in 2011 who was only 6 months at the time of her adoption with whom he had sired with underage girl,who had to leave him under family pressures , leaving Joyce behind.

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He disclosed that one if Bugembe’s agents called Apostle Winfred approached him and offered to extend support and taking care if his daughter through Bugembe’s NGO
That over the next months ,he was allowed to go and check on his daughter and that he found her living happily with other almost 8 kids.

Eventually however,he learnt that his daughter was taken from the homecare to go and stay with an American couple in Kansanga but he found out that his daughter’s name had been changed from Alitubbeera to Naya with his knowledge.
Moses further narrated that at one time he was invited to the United States Embassy and told to sign some more papers and at the time they started mentioning the term ” adoption” and he was unaware of it’s meaning.

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“For me ,I thought “adoption” was the name of the person who was taking care of my child”, Moses Said.

About three years later, he says, the organization sent him money to look for the baby’s mother, which he did successfully.

But from that time to this date, he says, he never got to see his child or the mother again and later he learnt that his daughter was transferred to the United States.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe

In response to the ongoing allegations, Pastor Wilson Bugembe admitted that it is true, some mistakes were made with some of the adoption processes, in regards to guiding the parents.

He noted that however, that all the legal processes were followed to the later.

“The other good thing is that all these children are alive and well, I have checked,” he said.

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For recourse, Bugembe said the courts granted the adoptions with provisions that allow disgruntled parents to have their children back if they so wish.

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